The eclipsed moon

The picture was taken around 3 AM on November 9 2003 during the eclipse that took place then

Eclipsed moon

A current source

This diagram shows how a moving coil meter is driven using a current-source, consisting of an op-amp (half of an LM358) fortified with a 2N3904 NPN transistor. Full scale input voltage is 5V. Meter is 12.5mA full scale deflection.

Current source circuit

Klaus the black cat

This picture was taken when he was in his favorite chair one afternoon. He belongs to my cousin. I am allergic to cats so I can't have one here. Still, they are fascinating animals.

Klaus the black cat

Schuko to DB25 converters

We may have seen the Schuko-RJ45 converter cable, but here is a way to use ordinary earthed extension cords for long serial lines. These extension cords have 3 wires, two for power and one for grounding, and this maps nicely into the use for data in either direction and common.

I don't think I can recommend the opposite possible use, of a low voltage serial cable used as a power extension cord. These will definitely not achieve any CE-marking!

Converter cables from Schuko to DB25, both ways

110 gamle kroner

Man tager en 10-er med Fridtjof Nansen og en 100-lapp med Camilla Collett, og setter sammen et nytt fjes av toppen av Nansen og bunnen av Collett...

110 gamle kroner danner K Willoch

Og hvem fikk man da?

Ballons in the neigborhood

En diger svart ballong paa vei opp

In Heaven and on Earth

Hubble Deep Field Glassmaneter sett fra Kalvøya, juni 2008
Hubble Deep Field Jellyfish seen from the Kalvøya bridge june 2008

I thought i've seen that pattern before somewhere... (Jeg syns jeg hadde sett det mønsteret der etsteds før...)

Lady Gaga og Skilt 912, avkjøringsmarkering Avkjørsel 13 Sydover

SIGBUS on NO.07.308

SIGBUS on NO.07.308

In these corona-times

Corona-dope bottle

And an alternative product for whom it may be of interest

Q-dope bottle

Another for effect

Oh Dear WTF

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